A few days ago I read an article over on The Bluest Muse entitled ‘A foodie’s take on freezer meals’ so I decided to do a quick 4 Ways to Prevent Freezer Cooking Fail post.


4 Ways to Prevent Freezer Cooking Fail


Shawna says she’s not anti-crockpot and I completely understand her frustration – I have to be picky about slow cooker meals too. I’ve been anchored to the Commodore for well over 37 years now so I’ve had my share of fails with every appliance known to man.

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Shredded chicken breasts are just about the easiest way to get a meal on the table fast and eliminate some clean-up time, too! I’ve been a bit remiss lately with easy and simple recipes and I was pinning a bit this morning over on Pinterest  (<– shameless link to my boards! Follow me and I’ll follow back!) and saw a pin regarding shredded chicken breasts and recipes to use them so I decided to pop over here and share my method with you! 

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This is just about the easiest and tastiest Chocolate Lava Cake I’ve ever had. I’d like to make it fit my Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle but it’s going to take some major tweaking.


Simple and Sane Lava cake



I love Chocolate Lave Cake, Molten Lava Cake, Chocolate Souffle … whatever you want to call it, I LOVE it!

I especially love the Chocolate Souffle served on the Disney ships in Palo but that is another story for another day.

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