Fins Grill and Icehouse – yet another Port Aransas review!

We dropped by Fins Grill and Icehouse on our way off the island of Port Aransas TX because it was recommended by one of those “Visit This Place” websites.

We came here on a Sunday evening in early August around 430 PM. They weren’t busy so we hoped it would be easier to evaluate.

Fins Grill and Icehouse touted their ‘world famous’ onion rings – $6.99 as an appy or $2 upcharge to substitute with a meal. Glad I only opted for the upcharge.

Let me preface this by saying we are from Delmarva. We know what a real crab cake is supposed to taste like. And, as a note to restaurant owners: Don’t say you serve a Maryland crab cake if you are not on Delmarva. Because you DON’T. And you CAN’T.

Being a crab snob I did not order the crab cake. I knew they couldn’t meet my expectations so I didn’t put that added pressure on them. Hubby had no such qualms, however.

He got the Crabby Patty with fries ($12.99) – I should have been very afraid right off. Honestly, if Sponge Bob had walked in I’d have dove off the deck into the harbor.

I’ll say this: it was large. And this: it was flat. It was on a bun.

That’s the best we can say. And he only ate half of it. That has never happened IN HIS LIFE. Mostly filler – and the crab they used was the cheap kind. No chunks, no flavor. He saved the half he didn’t eat because his thought was to swap me for the other half of my dinner. No way, Jose. I didn’t just fall off the pier yesterday.

I had the Bacon Cheddar Burger with the ‘world famous’ onion rings as a substitute ($10.99 for the burger. $1.99 for the onion upcharge).

The burger was okay – cooked right but typical. Nothing special.

Hey – somebody needs to tell the chef about salt.

The portion of rings was large – I can’t imagine the appy portion to be larger than what I got. They were fried properly, nice and crispy. And no seasoning whatsoever. They were about the blandest I’d ever had. I had frozen ones in a bag in my freezer at home that were tastier.

The view was great – we were seated outside because I miss the salt air from back home and wanted to soak it in. We were seated right away – which I expected since we were there at 430PM.

Fins Grill and Icehouse: 2 Stars – and no return visit. Uninspired typical seaside fare.

Hubby’s note: the sweet tea was good. And they forgot to charge us for it. That’s why I stretched it to two stars.

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