People are crazy.

I don’t mean the normal crazy. For instance, in the South, we don’t hide our crazy relatives. We set them out on the front porch for all to see – it’s a source of pride. We don’t say ‘Do you have crazy relatives?’ We say, ‘Now, your crazy relatives – are they on your Mama’s side or your Daddy’s?’ That’s just normal crazy. I’m talking FACEBOOK privacy to protect from crazy creepers.

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I know you’ve all gotten a friend request from Jane who is already your friend, right? I sure have and it’s getting worse.

You cock your head, thinking, “I thought I was friends with Jane already. Maybe she got locked out and started a new account.” CLICK!! Friends again! All is well. Back to Survivor. Friends list intact.

But it’s really not.

Here is what ACTUALLY happened. A scammer was clicking through names and saw a profile he/she liked with a wide open friends list visible.

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I keep seeing a recipe shared all over Facebook using two ingredients to make brownies. Here’s the deal:

Take a box of brownies mix. 15 oz – 16 oz — somewhere in that neighborhood. (I used Duncan Hines).  Add a can (15 – 16 oz or so) of pumpkin – not pie mix, just pumpkin. (I used Libby’s). Mix them together and bake for 25 – 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Sounds easy, right?

Are those 2-ingredient recipes in your facebook feed worth it? Check it out here!


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Maybe a little TOO honest … I REALLY wanted to like Beaches Cafe. I mean REALLY. I read a Beaches Cafe review that said the owners have their own ranch and all the beef is grass fed. I figured with that kind of care this place should be exceptional.



Beaches Cafe Review

This was our first trip to Port A. I was raised and lived within 20 minutes of the Atlantic and have been feeling quite claustrophobic since moving to Texas.

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Shredded chicken breasts are just about the easiest way to get a meal on the table fast and eliminate some clean-up time, too! I’ve been a bit remiss lately with easy and simple recipes and I was pinning a bit this morning over on Pinterest  (<– shameless link to my boards! Follow me and I’ll follow back!) and saw a pin regarding shredded chicken breasts and recipes to use them so I decided to pop over here and share my method with you! 

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