Want to pin something from Facebook to your Pinterest account?





**** Wanna know the EASIEST way to pin right from Facebook?****


The challenge with my post at the bottom (written AGES ago) is that browsers are not all alike and they tend to update Facebook and browsers to make my instructions obsolete rather quickly. So here is a better way :-)


  • Download and activate (and use!) Google Chrome as your browser.


  • Click the 3 parallel lines in the upper right corner and choose ‘Settings’.


  • Choose ‘Extensions’ on the left side and search for Pinterest Right Click.  Get it. Activate it.


When you see a photo on Facebook you want to pin, left click on it to open it’s window, then right click the photo. See the list? Choose Pinterest Right Click and your Pinterest box will pop up.


Easy Peasy!!








How many times do you see something on Facebook that you’d like to pin to a board on Pinterest?


Yeah, me too.

I discovered a way to do this and wanted to share it with you — it’s a quick and easy tip … and SIMPLE!


You just need to find something to pin from Facebook…

Open the image by the regular left-click…

Right-click on the image and choose ‘view image’…

Pin from the page that opens!


**Proper Pinterest etiquette (and for legal reasons, too!) for posting an image you found on Facebook demands that you link back to the original image. When you post the image to Pinterest there is a field for that link — make sure you get the link and fill in the field!!**

Check out the under-2-minute video below and comment below if it’s a help to you!

Click here for a larger version of this video!


Now, off you go :-)

And I’m counting on y’all to not tell hubby that I absconded (my word for today!) with his new Yeti microphone for this!



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15 Responses to “Want to pin something from Facebook to your Pinterest account?”

  1. Thalie says:

    Aren’t you supposed to credit the PIN? You see that is why I don’t do Pinterest,is because I am afraid I am going to pin something,and I don’t know how to credit whoever for the image. But I do appreciate you showing HOW to do this.Thanks!

    • Simple and Sane says:

      I didn’t mention it in the video, but I’d probably mention something about finding it on FB and any other distinguishing ID that I could readily see. I don’t pin from FB (because I thought you couldn’t until I figured this out!) I pin from other pinboards and blogs.

  2. Hi, met you on Twitter and this is a great review of how to use Pinterest. As for the above question from Thalie, what I do is mentioned where I got it in a comment after I “pin” it. This is great because of “trackbacks”

    You give credit from where you got it from, that person is notified via email, and then they follow you back. Make sense? Maybe it isn’t the correct way, but that is how I’ve been doing it.

    Thanks for the great tutorial, I will pass it on to my Peeps,
    Donna Merrill

  3. Jan Hobbs says:

    I went to pinterest and tried to find the pin it button, and cannot locate it. I am so frustrated. I feel stupid, because I can’t figure out what others have already done – that being how to pin something I did NOT find on pinterest.

    • Simple and Sane says:

      Hi Jan! I know it can get confusing with all these new platforms and nothing is the same on any of them! To get the ‘Pin it’ Bookmark, Log into Pinterest and click on the ‘About’ menu — the Pin It button is there in the drop down. It wasn’t there like that a few weeks ago — it was in the ‘Goodies’ section. It’s still in Goodies but they made it easier to find now. I hope it works for you! It just stays at the top near the address bar and makes it easy to pin :-) Let me know if you have any problems finding it :-)

  4. maglyn says:

    I tried to follow your tutorial as I am interested in pinning photos I’ve taken myself on my board. My macbook pro did not me a “view photo” option when I right clicked??? any advice?

    • Simple and Sane says:

      For pinning your own photos you can go straight to Pinterest and click ‘Add’ (along the top). Then choose upload a pin (as long as you’ve got it on your machine) and you’re good to go! I’m not familiar with the workings of Mac machines to know if pinning from Facebook would be any different than from a PC :-)

  5. Irwin says:

    Hi Becky,
    Maybe it is a Mac thing but I have tried to follow several tutorials to pin things from Facebook and none of them has worked.
    I can’t understand …the Mac is so much more versatile than the PC. I don’t anticipate my going back to PC!

  6. Barbara K. says:

    Hi. I love your site. I have been trying to pin recipes from Marlene Flowers – Loving Caring and Sharing’s Notes on Facebook. For the life of me, I cannot get “view image” by right clicking on the pic of her creations. Should I be copying and pasting her recipe to my Microsoft Word as a document, and then try to add it somehow to Pinterest? I am so lost here, and Marlene has been trying to help me. She linked me to your site. She also showed me how to download the “Add this” button in Google Chrome, but right clicking and hitting the add this button and then clicking on Pinterest results in this message:
    You supplied an invalid value for the parameter ‘dest’. What do I do now? I love Marlene’s recipes and would like to be able to add them to my Pinterest. Thanks for any help you can provide.~ Barbara

  7. BRIN GRIMES says:

    I Goggled this and your site pooped up, this was so easy to do and I have been wondering forever how to do this, very helpful!!!! And I really like your site!!!

    Thank you so much!!

  8. Debbe says:

    Well, I’ve been wanting to pin from Fb for quite a long time, and had really hoped your instructions would help me. However, they didn’t. :( I must be using a different version of Windows or something. I left click to open the image, then right click to choose the “view image”, only I didn’t get a “view image” option. I did get a “view source” option, but that was html tags or something. Just a little geeky, so not sure what that was! So, the search for “how to” is back on.

  9. Thanks that was clear, easy to follow and very helpful.
    Easy to credit websites etc in comment box

  10. Brilliant tip…thank you! Don’t know why Facebook doesn’t integrate this feature, but this is super-easy so it doesn’t matter :)
    Terri Zwierzynski recently posted..[Articles] 3 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make, by Michele A ScismMy Profile

  11. Beth says:

    Thanks so much!!!!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to pin stuff on facebook – yippee!

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